Josceline Dimbleby

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Marvellous Meals with Mince (published by Quadrille, London, UK)

'In 1982 Marvellous Meals with Mince - thanks to a little alliteration, one super-enthusiastic adjective and some cracking recipes - became a bestseller, a national classic, and went on to be reprinted eight times between 1982 and 1989. Now, once again, the cold, dead hand of economic adversity has fallen on our kitchens. But there is a bright side: Marvellous Meals with Mince is back!'  
Giles Coren, The Times

'Freshly revamped, re-written and added to for this age of austerity, this best selling recipe book is back and better than ever.'  
                        Country and Town House magazine

'The recipes for chopped beef, pork, veal, chicken, turkey and fish are absolutely rock-solid.'  

'Josceline Dimbleby's recipes show just how versatile mince is.'  
                                     Irish Independent

'This is a classic work, by a great food writer, stuffed full with recipes that you actually want to cook and eat.'  
                          Tom Parker Bowles, Daily Mail

'Marvellous Meals with Mince should surely be a cornerstone in any kitchen library … I urge you to buy this marvellous little book as soon as possible and immerse yourselves.'  
                                The Foodie Bugle.Com

All over the world there are popular specialities made with mince. The Americans have burgers, the Greeks moussaka, the Mexicans chilli con carne and the Italians have their famous Bolognese. The use of mince in many of the most recognisable dishes of the world is a testament to its versatility. It can be fried, baked, roasted or stewed; used to stuff, top or fill; and can be spiced, soaked or left plain. And in times of economic pressure, mince is a relatively cheap ingredient that will provide an ingenious and tasty meal worthy of any occasion.

Mince smaller2

First published in 1982 exclusively for Sainsbury's, where it became a best-seller, this superb book has now been updated to suit today's tastes, without removing any of its original charm. If you are in need of some simple recipes which are different, why not try the Fennel surprise pork rissoles with carrot sauce or Onion and yogurt soda buns stuffed with spiced lamb; or if you are wanting something more classic why not try the Salmon fish cakes with goat's cheese and spring onions or Spinach and beef layer pie. With a complete new look, including stunning colour photography specially taken for this fully revised edition, this book provides a delightfully unique and mouth-watering collection of traditional, original and often very unusual, recipes for mince.


Orchards in the Oasis (published by Quadrille, London, UK)

*** Winner of the Guild of Food Writers Kate Whiteman Award for Work on Food and Travel 2011 ***

'One of this years most endearing books about food and travel.'  
Daily Mail

'Before I wrote my first cookery book, my editor handed me one of Jossy's and said "This is how you do it".  Ever since I have loved her recipes.  They are so closely connected to her life, and so simply and elegantly described in this fascinating book’
Rick Stein

'A fond and mouth-watering testament to the richness and delight of travel'
Colin Thubron

'Josceline Dimbleby is that perfect union of writer and cook and Orchards in the Oasis, a` melange of memoir and recipe, is a real treat'
The Bookseller

'This is just great.  She has welded a memoir to a cookery book, and it works.  Her life has been full of thrills   ... the illustrations are a delight ... long practice ensures that her recipes are sound
Tom Jaine, The Guardian

'Excitement is vividly reflected, both in Dimbleby's expressive stories of her travels and in the recipes with which the book is generously garnished, beautifully photographed so that you can almost smell the spices rising from the page ... in fact, the only thing wrong with this delectable account of an adventurous life is that you really need tow copies: a pristine one to read, and a stained and battered working copy to keep in your kitchen and cook from'  
Jane Shilling, Daily Mail

Josceline is widely credited with introducing new ways of using spices to the domestic kitchen. This enchanting memoir explores the food influences of her rich and varied life and provides an outstanding collection of exciting recipes. As an itinerant child with a diplomat stepfather, Josceline spent much of her time in the kitchen - in a succession of different countries - watching cooks transform food with spices and herbs. As a consequence, she acquired not only a taste for food but also a passion for discovering other lands and different cuisines. From Syria to Morocco, from North America to Burma and Laos, her adult life built on and broadened her early gastronomic experiences. She found that her astonishing memory of tastes - together with her natural ability to combine flavours and textures harmoniously - enabled her to create very personal interpretations of dishes she had eaten around the world.

Orchards smaller2

Orchards in the Oasis is Josceline's absorbing account of her lifelong love affair with food and flavourings. It is interspersed with 75 inspiring but accessible recipes from the diverse cuisines she has experienced on her travels: Rose petal tart from Syria, Peruvian potatoes, Bosphorus mussel stew, Marrakesh meatballs and Chicken noodle hotpot from Vietnam. Evocatively illustrated with mouth-watering food photography and the author's personal photographs of her travels, it is, indeed, an irresistible memoir.


A Profound Secret (published by Transworld, London, UK)

'This enthralling family romance explores a lost world of hidden love ... more compelling than many novels and more informative than most history books'

'An entirely captivating book ... compelling'
Miranda Seymour, Sunday Times

'A right stunner, a secret family history encasing a whole century in the most attractive of nutshells'

David Hughes, Spectator

'Enchanting. It has so many layers ... a treasure trove of material ... excellent period detail and skillfully maintained mystery'
Andrew Lycett

'A brilliant sleuthing job which will appeal to anyone who has ever found a skeleton in the family closet’
Daily Express

‘What I admire particularly is the social research on which Josceline Dimbleby has constructed a compelling romance (complete with mystery). The way in which she makes her quest part of the story gives the book extra excitement. The whole book is deeply satisfying’
Michael Holroyd

'A wonderful cabinet of curiosities of a book. Josceline Dimbleby's family memoir of art, death and forbidden love - locked away for more than a hundred years in secret letters and attic trunks reads like the most gripping novel. I loved it'
Katie Hickman

'This is a highly enjoyable book, full of engaging detail and marvellous research’
Caroline Moorehead

'A captivating family history which paints a vivid tableau of Victorian and Edwardian life ... vibrant'
Valerie Grove, Literary Review

A chance encounter with Andrew Lloyd Webber at a summer party sent Josceline Dimbleby on a quest to uncover a mystery in her own family's past. Her great-aunt Amy Gaskell was the subject of a beautiful dark portrait by the Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-Jones, but all that was known about Amy, according to family lore, was that she had 'died young of a broken heart'.

ProfoundSecret smaller2

In her search, Josceline discovered a cache of unpublished letters from Burne-Jones to her great-grandmother May Gaskell, Amy's mother.They formed a passionate and prolific correspondence, of up to five letters a day, from the last six years of the painter's life. As she read, more and more questions were raised: why did Burne-Jones feel he had to protect May from an overwhelming sadness? What was the deep secret she had confided to him? And what was the tragic truth behind beautiful Amy's wayward, wandering life, her strange marriage and her unexplained early death?